1. Pixabay

Pixabay is a platform with over 930,000 free stock images, vectors and illustrations for various designers. Over the past two years the website has grown immensely and each day you will find a new stock of images.

  1. Raumrot

There are a lot of free stocks of images that are available for free. You can easily search the image you are looking for and get it with a few clicks. The photos are separated in categories making it easy for you to find them.

  1. MorgueFile

It is one of the old free stock image platforms that has a huge collection of 350,000 stock photos that can be used for commercial purposes as well different sorts of inspired work. You can easily visit the website and download the image without signing up for it.

  1. Unsplash

Unsplash has a stock of images that can be used for different kinds of designs. It has an explore feature that makes it easier to find the image you are looking for. 7 photos are added each week on unsplash.

  1. io

This website has various images under free copyright restrictions. It puts up the images under the creative commons license which allows you to download the image without having to know if the image is for commercial purposes or not.

  1. Gratisography

This website is owned by Ryan McGuire, who has a huge collection of images. They have a great collection of pictures and upload images every week. Ryan himself has taken all the images with a lot of care thus making them high-quality images.

  1. Pexels

The platform provides high resolution images that are free and they have more than 15000 images. The website keeps adding images from alike website that has the finest pictures. You can change the resolution of the images according to your desires as well.

  1. Negaivespace

They have images that can be used for various purposes. You will find images that are mostly related to technology, nature, architecture etc. However you get images in various other categories as well.

  1. Foodiesfeed

It includes great images regarding food which you can use for businesses and projects. There is a huge collection of images and five pictures are put up on the site every week.

  1. Imcreator

Imcreator is a newer website that is growing increasingly popular and has good quality images. Along with images you can find templates, buttons, and many other things related to designs.

  1. Life of pix

This great website uploads images on a weekly basis. You can find images as well as videos for free. Moreover you can also submit your own images or free download.

  1. Realistic shot

Realistic shot puts up seven new images weekly so you have a collection of new photos every week. You can easily divide the image into different categories and can be used for different design projects.

  1. Free nature stock

This blog is owned and run by a photographer, Adrian Pelletier, who upload new landscape images on a weekly basis. You will find all the images that are related to landscape.

  1. Magdeleine

Even though there a many stock images on this site, you will mostly find black and white images. Each day they upload one photograph to their collection.

  1. Public domains archive

This platform is run by the designer Matt. It has new images uploaded daily on the website. You can find various kinds of images here.

  1. Kaboompics

The website has a great collection of images that you can download for free to use for commercial purposes. It also has a photoshop plug-in which makes it easier for you to do your work.

  1. FreeStocks

Freestocks may have a limited category for images; however it is still worth checking it out. You can even support the website through PayPal so that it may grow.

  1. Jay Mantri

There are high quality images available and can easily download the ones that you like. You can simply find the images you are looking for. And a collection of seven images are uploaded each week.

  1. Splitshire

Daniel Nanescu runs the website and has taken all the pictures himself. He provides the pictures to the public so that it can be used for designed projects.